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We empower everyone to take climate action optimizing energy efficiency, reducing cost and lowering carbon emissions. Our platform, EnerWisely, transforms unused data into actionable Smart Energy Choices to make carbon reduction relatable, cost effective, & enjoyable.

We serve end-use energy consumers and businesses. Our science-based platform, EnerWisely, integrates IoT, data analytics, and behavioral science.

We empower energy consumers to harness their unused data and make Smart Energy Choices that optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions. We also offer enterprise solutions for those who aspire to move faster and go further in building a sustainable future.

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EnerWisely: Our Sustainability Platform for Energy Consumers

EnerWisely is our data-driven cleantech platform for carbon reduction and ESG reporting integration.  In spite of its patented science-based AI analytical engine, EnerWisely is easy to use and takes advantage of the existing smart meter infrastructure to provide secure remote data access, so there is no investment in new devices. The platform is compliant with DataGuard, the U.S. Department of Energy standard for energy data privacy.

EnerWisely builds the baseline for carbon footprint, energy intensity and costs. With continuous monitoring, personalized notifications, and gamified competitions & rewards, achieve carbon reduction targets, and ESG goals can be fun and rewarding for everyone.

See how we can help.

Smart Cities

Empower and include everyone with equitable access to tools that address energy poverty,  and achieve carbon reduction goals.


Evaluate the real cost of the energy that you use, including energy efficiency and carbon footprint to lower your bills high & cut your carbon emissions.


Carbon Reduction as purpose driven employee perk to engage employees to achieve carbon reduction and ESG goals.

Community Agencies

Without any cost to your organization, empower your customers with the tools to eliminate waste, reduce cost and benefit from participating in the low carbon economy.


We can help with FREE educational content and tools. Lead the Dialog, Create Climate Action Awareness, and Promote Efficient Energy Consumption.

Retail Electricity Providers

Use our Smart Meter level analytics to empower and understand your customers evolving needs and goals. Deepen Relationships, Gain Trust and Grow Sales.

With a science-based sustainability platform that cross-
pollinates energy sectors and integrates human factors; Quantum New Energy is uniquely positioned to empower consumers through Smart Energy Choices, and to help stakeholders advance their sustainability and business objectives.

Our Portfolio: Technology & Services

ESG Reporting Integration

Trustable, Data Driven & Science Based

  • Set up carbon emissions baseline
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Simplify Data Gathering
  • Centralize Information

Purpose Driven Employee & Community Perks

Inclusive & Equitable Climate Action

  • Carbon Reduction as an employee & community perk
  • A benefit for families & the planet
  • Purposeful Scope 3 Voluntary reduction

Carbon to Value Solutions

Empower everyone to participate and benefit from the low carbon economy.

  • A preventative alternative to remedial carbon offsets
  • Lower Costs
  • Cut Emission
  • Deliver ESG Goals

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Reduce Energy Intensity

  • Establish Base Load
  • Improve Building Operations
  • Identify Waste & Leaks

Market Place – Power Sourcing

Reduce OPEX

  • Consumption Profile Based Cost Optimization
  • Customized solutions based on energy & ESG goals
  • Visualize Usage Trends
  • Dashboard with KPI’s

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Retail Electricity Providers and Utilities interested in better understanding their customers and bridging the gap between how energy is delivered and how customers use energy can license our patented technology platform API`s Our software solutions help deepen customer relationships with personalized offerings that are better aligned with customers’ needs and wants. This improved bottoms up deep knowledge also helps de-risk forecasting operations.
We also offer paid subscriptions for Energy Brokers interested in licensing our leading edge proprietary and patented technology to improve their operational efficiency and their confidence on the quality of the advice and level of service offered to their customers.