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What we do

Quantum New Energy is bringing new capabilities previously available only to big companies to the hands of people, democratizing the way energy is generated, accessed, consumed and traded. We do this by translating data into actionable knowledge, and by opening the energy marketplace to consumers, businesses, retail electric providers, utilities and energy technology companies.

Advancing Energy Innovation

Our strategic technology roadmap envisions moving from a platform enabling an easy, Uber-like experience of electricity plan choice for consumers and businesses in deregulated markets to smart, community-centered microgrid optimization, and finally to a fully transactive platform leveraging peer-to-peer technology.

Advances in cognitive computing and predictive intelligence are giving systems the ability to learn using data to adapt from experience without being explicitly programmed. This is leading to endless possibilities to extract knowledge and actionable insights from previously underutilized data, helping improve productivity, reliability and longevity. However, utilities often find themselves ill-equipped to harvest the full potential that Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems present including the opportunity to deepen and evolve relationships with consumers, optimized integration of distributed resources, and responsive business model transformation.

The Quantum Difference

With a distinctive, holistic approach cross-pollinating lessons learned across energy sectors and integrating digital and energy technology with behavioral science, Quantum New Energy is uniquely qualified to address these issues and to help energy providers realize the full potential of the energy transition.

Our Offerings

Energy Fingerprint™: Your Personal Energy DNA

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”, Aristoteles

While most people want to save energy and money, no two consumers are the same. Personal preferences, lifestyles and energy aspirations are unique. Our energy consumption depends on multiple factors that change constantly over time.

To account for these dynamics, Quantum New Energy has developed proprietary Energy Fingerprint™ technology integrating personalized, historical energy consumption data with locational information, building characteristics, and behavioral lifestyle and preferences to create a unique Energy Fingerprint for every customer. This dynamic metric allows consumers to truly understand their energy habits for the first time ever and provides a more accurate digital representation for energy providers to utilize in analytics, energy optimization and systems planning.

Energy Matchmaker: Empowering Freedom of Choice

Energy Matchmaker is a consumer-focused technology platform connecting energy consumers with retail electric providers, utilities and energy technology companies. Energy Matchmaker helps customers cut through the clutter of competitive rate structures, making it easier to make more informed energy decisions that save money, improve efficiency and advance sustainability.

The data driven proprietary calculation engine at the heart of Energy Matchmaker integrates each consumer’s unique Energy Fingerprint with our comprehensive utility rates database to identify the optimal plans for each customer based on their behavior and usage patterns, lifestyle, preferences and energy aspirations.

Energy Matchmaker gives people and businesses access to actionable insight about their own energy habits – something not available in consumable form today, with simple alerts and reports that highlight unusual consumption, reminders to renew plans, and visibility when better options become available.

Energy Genie™: Seamless Automated Energy Optimization

Energy Genie integrates the unique Energy Fingerprint of end consumers with real-time electricity price signals to automatically coordinate and adjust the operating conditions of all connected appliances and devices to the users’ desired goals for energy consumption, efficiency, cost and comfort.

Energy Genie allows individuals to participate in wholesale electricity markets and take advantage of financial incentives – all while helping the utilities maintain a safe, reliable and cost-effective power grid.

Energy Planning as a Service: Fulfilling the Customer’s Energy Journey

The energy landscape is undergoing a complete transformation. Over the next few years, consumers will have immediate access to more energy choices than ever before. Innovations in technology combined with the emergence of a truly distributed, renewably-powered grid and the electrification of vehicles will put increasingly more power and challenges into consumers’ hands.

Energy Planner allows consumers and providers to identify the electricity plans and energy products best aligned with their usage and needs. Based on this, they can create, evaluate, and fulfill scenarios for their personal energy journey including renewable energy self-generation with solar or wind, electrical vehicles, EV charging, and energy storage / battery options.