The Future of Energy is Being Reshaped.

We are living in a digital energy revolution. At Quantum New Energy, we combine energy innovation with digital technology to connect energy stakeholders with the customers they serve. Our solutions help people make smart energy choices, optimize energy efficiency and improve affordability, all while advancing sustainability.

In the end, demand for energy is driven by consumption. We have the capacity to change, if we have the knowledge and impetus to act. Quantum New Energy is providing that actionable knowledge and working with every stakeholder in the energy ecosystem to create a future of sustainable energy abundance for all.

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Retail Electricity Providers

Serve your customers better by helping them make smart energy choices.

Utilities & Regulators

Maintain a safe, reliable, effective grid while enabling consumer choice.


Use your power of choice to reduce your energy costs and improve sustainability.


Choose smart energy that reduces costs and enhances your sustainability brand.


Expand access to affordable, clean energy to low-income populations.

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