AI driven software solutions to reduce emissions and generate high quality verifiable carbon credits. 

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We believe that the race to net zero can become climate opportunities for all when everyone can participate. That's why we are building smart tools to empower everyone to monetize their carbon reducing assets.

Inclusive Energy Transition, Carbon Reduction & ESG Reporting Solutions

Quantum New Energy offers a sustainability software platform. We use analytics & AI to advance ESG from reporting to real results by operationalizing targets and enabling near real-time tracking for proactive management. Aid by curated recommendations, users can set up cost optimized carbon reduction pathways to deliver their GHG targets, reduce costs, and streamline reporting. The platform also enables a smart energy prosumer network to generate an aggregated pool of localized carbon offsets.

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With a mission to help unleash the collective power of society to reach net-zero, Our portfolio includes solutions for people and for organizations. Our residential solution helps homes optimize their energy efficiency, reducing carbon and cost. Our Business solution helps company solve their net-zero equation mitigating risk while maximizing enterprise value.

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Our AI / Analytics driven sustainability platform operationalizes carbon reduction targets to deliver results. Turning unused data into Smart Recommendations, users can lower cost, reduce carbon & streamline ESG reporting.

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