We support the United Nations Global Development Goals

We are on a mission to empower everyone with personalized energy intelligence to Take Responsibility for their Own Climate Impact by Making Smart Energy Choices That Reduce Costs & Cut Carbon Emissions.

In the year 2000, the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development were created. While we can be the generation to end extreme poverty, in average only 18% of concerned citizens that care about global issues do anything about it. Not because of indifference but rather for lack of access to tools that enable committed societal engagement.

Our Alignment with the United Nations Global Goals

Goal # 4
Quality Education

Our platform EnerWisely is based on science and math. It provides equitable and inclusive access to energy education and empowers everyone to learn and understand the impact of their energy consumption.

Goal # 5
Gender Equality

We are a Minority Woman Owned Small business. We focus on attracting and building diverse teams with equal representation of empowered women.

Goal # 7
Affordable and Clean Energy

Our platform EnerWisely transforms unused energy consumption data into personalized energy intelligence for everyone, so that consumers can make smart energy choices that reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

Goal # 9
Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure

Our platform EnerWisely empowers everyone to optimize their energy consumption contributing to more resilient, reliable and cost-effective grid and energy infrastructure.

Goal # 10
Reduced Inequalities

We partner with organizations representing and advocating for the advancement of minorities. We believe that equal access to energy intelligence is critical to sustainable energy abundance and bridging the economic divide.

Goal # 11
Sustainable Cities and Communities

The advancement of human prosperity and the use of power go hand on hand. EnerWisely enables communities to engage citizens inclusively ensuring that nobody is left behind to address energy poverty issues and achieve climate action goals.

Goal # 12
Responsible Consumption and Production

Our platform EnerWisely empowers everyone, including ourselves, to optimize their energy consumption and eliminate energy leaks, which subsequently helps optimize supply and production.

Goal # 13
Climate Action

Our platform EnerWisely empowers committed societal action and empowers everyone to take responsibility for their own climate impact by cutting carbon emissions.

Goal # 17
Partnerships for the Goals

We empower energy consumers to make Smart Energy Choices that optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions. We also offer enterprise solutions and partner with those who aspire to move faster and go further in building a sustainable future.