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Energy technologies interact and should be developed and deployed together for seamless end use. The most important challenge for the future of energy is to shift from a siloed, supply-driven model toward an integrated systems perspective.

Quantum New Energy is partnering with utility companies and other energy providers to create this integrated energy systems approach. We combine extensive energy and digital technology experience in collaboration with other innovators and value chain players to develop all the system components necessary to create end-to-end, simplified energy solutions.

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Utilities and Retail Energy Providers

The dominant question for every energy provider experiencing these massive changes is, how will you innovate along with your customers? How will you keep customers engaged and empowered by energy, not just passively served?

In deregulated areas, energy providers compete for customers, spending disproportionately huge sums trying to attract customers who are often overwhelmed by the number of choices in the market. Quantum New Energy helps providers lower customer acquisition costs by simplifying energy choice. Providers can increase brand awareness on the Energy Matchmaker platform or can choose to license the calculation engine technology to keep customers up to date on plan offerings best aligned with their customer’s Energy FingerprintTM.

Community Action Organizations

Today more than 1 billion people in the world lack access to electricity and live in extreme poverty. We believe it is our responsibility to make energy solutions smarter and more accessible to even the most remote rural areas.

In the developed world, heating, cooling, and lighting the home are significant expenses that hit low-income families the hardest. Economists generally consider 6 percent of household income to be an affordable energy bill. But low-income families pay dramatically higher proportions of their income for energy – as much as 25% – and in some extreme examples, closer to 75%.

We want to bridge the economic divide by enabling community action organizations to help the people they serve easily identify & access lower cost electricity plans and products that can drastically reduce their energy expenses.

Community Partners

We are encouraging and harnessing new thinking about the way energy is generated, accessed, consumed and traded.  An environment where a spark of inspiration can ignite ideas that make a real difference. Reshaping expectations for simpler ways to choose energy that is smarter, cleaner and more affordable.

​We encourage all communities to be engaged in a healthy discussion, with open ears and positive outlooks, giving energy a voice that represents everybody. Join the conversation!

Careers - Summer Internship Program

Our internship program offers the opportunity to work with experienced subject matter experts to shape the future of new energy technologies. Our interns work to solve real-life energy challenges involving the Internet of Things (IoT), data science, behavioral design and gamification.

Our 2019 summer internship program is coming.  Stay tuned for opportunities for students in the following fields: Engineering (Petroleum, Electrical, Computer Science), Data Science, Business and Economics, and Behavioral and Systems design.

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