20 Mar
Quantum New Energy, What is ESG?
What is ESG?
Category: Business
What Is ESG? ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance, the three broad categories or areas of interest for what is termed “socially responsible i...
18 Jan
Picture | Martin Luther King: A Climate Justice Pioneer | Quantum New Energy
Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King: a Pioneer for Climate Justice
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We celebrate Dr. King as a pioneer and advocate for climate justice.  This article reflects on the parallels between civil rights and environmental justice movements. Dr. Martin...
18 Mar
Picture | Quantum New Energy COVID-19: Stronger Together
COVID 19 Stronger Together
Category: Business
COVID-19: Stronger Together! The COVID-19 pandemic is a genuinely unprecedented situation affecting all of our families, businesses, communities, and our daily lives globally. T...
17 Feb
Picture | Energy Lower Carbon Emissions Solutions
A sustainable future requires energy with lower carbon emissions
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Energy is part of most of the things we do in our daily lives. As a result, the advancement of human prosperity and the use of power go hand in hand. A sustainable future requir...